Financial Freedom & the elusive path of Get Rich Quick!$$$$$$

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Quit your loser day job! Drop out of school now! Don’t waste your life in a 9 to 5!  Make $10,000 a month! Make $3,000 a week!

Sounds familiar? What about this

I was a loser once, my life was going down the pan! Then I discovered how to make $10,000 a day online. Now I’m a millionaire!

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I work the hours I want, when I want.

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I am Financially Free!

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You can have this lifestyle too, I can help you! Just sign up on my course…

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I love watching and observing these get-rich-quick entrepreneurs who so kindly want to share their knowledge at a price (after all the free clickbait-stuff).  It’s always about HELPING YOU…Normally just listening their spiel and sales pitch is good enough for me. And sometimes I click to gain more insight. Normally there a free webinar with a little taster.

Areas they promise expertise normally tend to be solely around

  • self publishing
  • internet marketing
  • affiliate internet marketing

Normal Benefits

  • Normally some 1-to-1 coaching thrown in
  • Super secret and exclusive mastermind facebook group
  • Alumni who you can network with after the course, and so support each other.
  • lifetime access to materials

Do they work?

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Hard to say. They are selling a dream. It may work for about 1% of people who will be successful at whatever they do, and in that 1% there may be about 0.1% who will be super-successful.

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But for Average Joe probably not. But then Average Joe get the thrill of working to their dream with the feeling of motivation and exhilaration. Average Joe gets fired up and inspired! Dreams are powerful. It’s always a risk and these courses may just be the right one. It’s all about Risk! Or just being sheep to be fleeced.

If you must…sign up…research first before taking the risk

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Use google and look for reviews. Also look at the pattern of reviews, and whether it’s the same cohort of people ‘supporting’ each other. Also google parts of the course and consider whether they may add value because normally a lot of these courses are just ideas curated from the various parts of the internet. However for time and convenience these courses have put them in one place.

Hold off, I know a lot of them love to stay, only one day left – or 24 hours but if it’s a webinar, the deal will probably be still there. They play on the Fear of Missing Out!

Ask yourself questions – Will it build on your existing skillset? Will it add new skillset? Do you really have what it takes to be an entrepreneur or are you just in love with the idea of being one? (I am). Normally they have some free stuff..have you listened and thought about it with a cooling off period?

But normally you can just cream off good advice from their free crumbs of advice.

Will I (me the author blogger) take a course?

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I love a good sales pitch, I fall for someone painting my ideal dream. I eat up the free crumbs off they throw off the table, and it always seems logical. They appeal to the dreamer in me – a lifestyle of leisure. I am flawed in this sense.  I want something for nothing. They play my piped piper’s tune, and I give it a good dance.

But then I look at the price of the courses, the content and realise it’s harder work than I thought. To be honest, even if I signed up

  • , I’d probably end up getting bored and dropping out and not completing the course.
  • Never finding the time to start the course,
  • or even if I complete the course, I probably won’t even do anything with the knowledge.

Right now, I have about four uncompleted internet courses based on passive income. But I just haven’t had the time to access them. They are full of good ideas of how to make money or passive income, but implementation takes too much effort. I might get round to it sometime.  So yes, it depends on the price, cheap courses I might sign up or not.

There was also a course I was going to buy because the guy had set himself up as an expert and also endorsed by someone I know of. But then I found him on a mastermind group asking basic questions. Not saying his course wasn’t good, but really?

I might actually write an article on how to design your own course and get sheep like myself to be fleeced.

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