The Feline and Swine

Photo by Matthias Zomer on

The feline creature was in a bad mood. The portal to his home realm opened and in a few moments he found himself covered in filthy and swine grunting around him.

‘Typical,’ he muttered under his breath, trying to get up. His ears twitched and whiskers dropped. No such luck and he slipped landing on his bottom. Luckily the swine paid him no attention, and probably because he was covered in their waste. He stank.

He tried to get up, this time slowly, taking his time. Finally he was up on his feet, and he looked around. Charming, he thought. The portal are opened into a pig pen. Would they ever get the location right? At least he was in the right realm, he’d heard stories of folks transported to otherworldly places, different dimensions and realms. The thought send a shudder through his body and he squeezed.

Soon he was outside the barn surveying the area. Normally he could find his way home, but the place felt strange. It was open space, no moon, no forest. There was an eeriness that made he queasy. A creepiness in the air. It chilled him. Was he really home?

The portal opened every three moons but with no moon how would he tell. Panic gripped him. Surely he was home. He faced the barn and realised with horror it was different.

Instead of thatch as roof, it had a shiny metal, the walls were not brick but a strangeness steeped in slime. The barn seemed to move and rock from side to side. The swine grunts got louder, followed by pained screams.

The barn was eating the swine.

The feline realised he hadn’t been in a pen but a mouth. The mouth of the barn.

He began to run.

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