Micky The Witch, Cinderella and Prince Charming

Photo by Benjamin Suter on Pexels.com

A rough draft fairy story based on Cinderella.

Micky the witch disliked Cinderella but it wasn’t a big deal because Micky disliked everything nice, and Cinderella was a nice person. Not only was Cinderella a nice person, she was pretty and married to a prince. 

Prince Charming.

The most handsome prince of all. Prince Charming was tall, handsome and of course, very charming. 

He had even been charming to Micky who felt short, fat and had big bumps on her face. Worse he’d made Micky feel good about herself and that was rare. 

One day, sitting on her stool, in her backyard stirring her cauldron, Micky remembered the day she met the Prince. It was a stormy, thunderous and rainy day, and Micky had been in her usual bad mood. 

For no reason at all, Micky had gone out into the forest to gather some leaves and herbs for her soup- see Micky despite being a witch, she was also a vegan and an animal activist. 

As she gathered her herbs in the pouring rain, an arrow flew past her and speared a little bird sheltering on the tree.  

Micky was outraged. She was mega angry. She rose and went to the dying bird. Unfornaturely, Micky wasn’t the healing type of witch, she was basically an angry witch who liked lots of drama but the bird looked so sad, and its eyes in pain, Micky took it to the healing witch, whom Micky despised. Not because she was nice, because the healing witch wasn’t but because she charged for her healing powers.

The Healing Witch’s argument was that she had to spend time and effort and deal with difficult patients, and therefore should be compensated for her time. 

For payment, Micky gave the Healing Witch the herbs she had gathered.

Feeling ripped off, Micky recognised the arrow as a royal one and found her way to the palace.

‘Bird Killers!’ Micky ranted at the gate of the imposing palace, waving her fist in the air. ‘You Bird Murderers cost me my dinner of herbs so I want payment.’

The Palace Guards tried to stop Micky for it was the wedding ball of Prince Charming and Cinderella. But Micky was having none of it. ‘If you touch me, I’ll turn you all into birdseed.’

The guards weren’t stupid to mess with a witch so they let Micky past.

Micky ran up the grand stairs and followed the music to a huge ball room. 

There in the middle of the room, deeply in love were the wedding couple, dancing cheek to cheek. 

Suddenly everything stopped.

The Prince left the new princess who Micky thought gave her a bad look.

‘Madam, how are you?’ asked the prince, gazing into Micky’s eyes as if she was the only person in the room.

For the first time, Micky was lost for words.

‘Would you like to join us? Please feel free.’ His sincerity made Micky nearly weep. Nobody had ever been nice to her. Ever.

She was going to accept when she saw Cinderella giggle. Or was it smirk? It didn’t help that Cinderella’s fairy godmother had stolen the love of Micky’s life. A woodcutter called Bob, but that’s another story.

Micky straightened up, and declined the invitation. But she had a feel, a bad feeling that Cinderella was fake. Just like her fairy godmother. But Micky knew she was really envious of the new princess Cinderella. Also Bob the Woodcutter hadn’t really loved Micky, it had been unrequited love.

However the Prince insisted, saying he’d be delighted if she stayed at the ball. So Micky was persuaded against her worst judgement but could not fault the vegan dishes.

After the wedding feast, Micky went home bitter with the new princess for smirking at her. 

Time went on, seasons past and Micky didn’t forget her grudge. 

Then one day, the Prince Charming was caught cheating with another woman. Apparently he had a foot and glass slipper fetish, and was caught butt naked, massaging some kitchen servant girl’s foot and pushing it into a tiny glass slipper. The servant girl’s foot was too large. 

And apparently the maid wasn’t the first. At least forty maids came forward to give their story after that.

All of a sudden, Micky realised she didn’t dislike Cinderella anymore. She felt sorry for her. Who could dislike a woman whose princely husband skulled around kitchens butt naked and putting glass slippers on the maids.

The end 

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